‘Eugenics: Past, Present and Future’ explores the links between past theories of eugenics – concerning birth rate, birth control, reproductive freedom and ‘race’ – and modern discussions on poverty, welfare, genetics and epigenetics. The British eugenics movement (1900s-1970s) pre-dated and outlived German National Socialism (in power 1933-1945) and was not, by proxy, the British Nazi movement as one may assume. Should eugenics be ignored and forgotten because of the implicit association with the holocaust? Were all eugenicists bad people? Is eugenics a lesson in the cruelty of humanity or a guiding light in our genetic future? Do ‘designer babies’ mean the resurgence of eugenics? Did it ever disappear? As humanity’s inherent need for improvement and perfection persists, ‘Eugenics: Past, Present and Future’ explores these questions and many more.

The Author:

Dr. Patrick T. Merricks is one of the leading experts in the history of eugenics and religion in Britain, has presented conference papers at the Universities of Oxford, Manchester and Swansea, and has published in journals such as Politics, Religion and Ideology and Medical History. He completed his PhD at Oxford Brookes University in August 2014 with the thesis titled, ‘Should Such a Faith Offend? Bishop Barnes and the British Eugenics Movement, c.1920s-1950s.’ Patrick is currently employed as an   Associate Lecturer in history with a specialisation in the history of ideas and social history of medicine, and an Administrator for the Academic Office at Oxford Brookes University

Contact Details/More Info:

Email: patricktmerricks@gmail.com

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=368905772&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile

Academia.edu profile: https://oxfordbrookes.academia.edu/PatrickMerricks




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